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Poppet pendular 2010 KM-30
  • Poppet pendular 2010 KM-30

Poppet pendular 2010 KM-30

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Poppet pendular 2010 KM-30
The poppet pendular 2010 KM-30 is intended for tests of samples from metals and alloys on a shock bend at a normal temperature.
The principle of action is based on definition of the work spent for destruction of the sample which is freely established on two support.
Technical characteristics:
Type a copra - pendular.
Type of tests - a two-basic bend.
The drive of raising of a pendulum - pneumatic.
Raising of a pendulum − automatic without braking.
Working edge of a knife of a pendulum - rectilinear.
Way of installation of examinees of samples - manual by means of adaptation.
Stocks of potential energy of replaceable pendulums: 300; 150 J.
Ranges of measurements:
от 30 до 240 J;
от 15 до 120 J.
Speed of the movement of a pendulum at the time of blow from 5,0 to 5,5 m/m.
The loss of energy at free swing of a pendulum for a half of a full wave accepted from the greatest stock of energy of a pendulum, no more than 0,5%.
Permissible deviation of a stock of potential energy of a pendulum no more than ± 0,5%.
Hammer knife sizes:
point corner − (30±1) °;
curve radius − 2+0,5 mm;
Sizes of sponges of support:
bevel angle of sponges − (11±1) °;
radius of a curve of sponges − 1+0,5 mm.
The distance in light between sponges of a support has to be regulated ranging from 40 to 120 mm.
Power consumption is no more than 0,4 kW.
Relative error of indications a copra on a scale from the greatest stock of energy of a replaceable pendulum no more than ±1%.
The price of division of a scale have to be for a pendulum with an energy stock:
300 J of 1 J
150 J 0,5dzh
Overall dimensions copra no more:
length is 685 mm;
width is 2060 mm;
height is 1530 mm.
Weight copra no more than 800 kg.
Information is up-to-date: 05.09.2019
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